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Welcome to Advanced Math 


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School supplies 2017  - 2018 School Year


                                 All students will need: 



school supplies

1 1/2 inch binder

Loose leaf paper

Dividers for dividing the binder into 5 sections

pencils and erasers





Calculators are provided for students in class, and do not need to be purchased.


Pre-Algebra students will use TI-34 scientific calculators.

Algebra and Geometry students will use TI-84 graphing calculators.


Recommended online calculators can be found at:


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Here are some tips to help make this a successful year for you:

 Be prepared for class:  This includes bringing your pencil, book, notebook, agenda, and homework to every class.

Do your homework:  Homework is time to practice your skills and to self-check your understanding of the lesson.   If you have any trouble with a homework assignment, seek help the next day.  Visit me during homeroom to get some extra assistance or at the very least ask questions when we go over the homework in class

Take responsibility for your learning:  If you don’t understand, tell me.  If you need help, ask me. 

Study for your tests  Review your notes; try some problems; ask questions; seek extra help.  

Take notes in class:  These will help you to study for our tests and help you with your homework.


Grading Policy

Grading is done on a point system.  The total of your points as compared to the total points possible for your section will determine your grade. 70% of your grade is based on assessment (test, quiz, and project) points.  30% of your grade is based on homework and class work points. 


Parents’ Corner


I hope you will partner with me to make this a successful year for your child.  One way that you can help is by motivating your child to work hard.  While I will be doing my best to motivate them in school, your involvement in this area can have a significant impact.  You know better than anyone what inspires your child.  Words of praise, encouragement, and support are very powerful tools.  Perhaps you can help them set some goals and agree on the benefits of accomplishing these goals.  Please let them know that their success in school does matter!