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U.S. History I
This course will introduce the history of the United States from pre-colonial times up to World War I. It will cover basic facts, concepts, and themes, concentrating on migration, diversity, and individual freedom as special features of the early American experience. This class will teach you what it means to study history and why history is an important subject in modern times. At the end of the course students will be familiar with the most influential people, ideas, and events of early American history, while understanding how they shaped society today . 

. To provide an understanding of significant relationships between the past and the present.
. To provide knowledge of the structure of our society and the challenges to that structure.
. To provide an opportunity to read and study about the social, political, and economic institutions that forms the framework for citizenship in America.


Your teachers will do almost anything possible to ensure that learning ensues and that the learning is directed at the above objectives. Instructional procedures might include any or all of the techniques below:

- Assigned Reading, Student Activities, Cooperative Groups,
- Group Interaction, Text book Reading, Student Teaching,
- Discussion, Videos, Projects,
- Guest Speakers, Lecture, Lecture/Discussion,
- Independent Study, Research Internet,
- Interviews, Oral Presentations.