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Welcome to 8th Grade!



Google Classroom Codes for Mrs. Krier:


1st:period -  ztnxbhw

* class meets at 7:40-8:23 *


3rd period -  nfs2ftb

* class meets at 9:16-9:59 *


4th period -  hlal4tw

* class meets at 10:04-10:47 *


6th period - btqzrlc

* class meets at 11:40-12:23 *


Entire Gold Team Classroom - xtxfz3j



 Please see my Google Classroom for updated assignments.


If your child will be out of school please call (609) 383 -3355 Ext. 1506



I look forward to a fun and productive year together!


Mrs. Krier
Science Teacher
Gold Team
383-3355   Ext. 1580


Pearson Interactive Science Textbook

Sign In information for all students:

user name: krierscience2020-2021

password: 8goldteam






pHet Sign In for all students:

user name:

password: 8goldteam




**Suggested Supplies for the School Year**

When in person



Required in class every day:

❏    Pencils

❏    Erasers and/or eraser caps

❏    Pencil case labeled with your first and last name

❏   3-ring binder with lined, loose-leaf paper

* This notebook must be for science class ONLY.




❏    Coloring utensils - crayons or colored pencils

❏    Highlighters

❏    Glue sticks


If you would like to contribute to the classroom, the following items are always helpful:

❏    Box of tissues

❏    Clorox wipes

❏   Paper towel