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 Week of 6/4/18

Monday - Work on "Dream Store" Project if you are behind

Tuesday - Work on "Dream Store" Project if you are behind

Wednesday - NO HW - Greek Olympics Tomorrow - wear your team shirt

Thursday - Greek Olympics

Friday -

Week of 5/21/18

Monday - Practice 10.4

Tuesday - Chapter 10 practice Test

Wednesday - Chapter 10 Test Today

Thursday - 

Friday - 


Week of 5/14/18

Monday - Practice 10.2 Even or odd

Tuesday - Complete Airplane histogram

Wednesday - Practice 10.3

Thursday - 

Friday - 


Week of 5/7/18

Monday -


Tuesday -


Wednesday -


Thursday - 


Friday - 




Week of 4/16/18

Reminder - PARCC starts on Thursday. 

Monday - #1-6 on area paper

Tuesday - #7-12

Wednesday - 

Thursday - 

Friday - 

Week of 4/9/18

Welcome Back! I hope you all had a wonderful break!

Monday - Complete review for  Benchmark Test on Tuesday (this is the individualized work you planned to prepare for the benchmark test)

Tuesday - Period 1 - No homework   Period 2&3 - Practice 4.1 All

Wednesday -

Thursday -

Friday - 


Week of 3/19/18

Chapter 7 Test Thursday

Monday - Practice 7.4 Even or Odd

Tuesday - Practice 7.5

Wednesday -SNOW DAY

Thursday - SNOW DAY

Friday - Test Moved to Tuesday

Week of 3/12/18

Monday - Practice test to prepare for Mid Chapter 7 test tomorrow

Tuesday - No HW

Wednesday - Happy Pi Day - No HW

Thursday - Practice 7.5

Week of 3/5/18 

*Class Pictures are on Tuesday

*Abbreviated day on Thursday

Monday - No Hw

Tuesday - Practice 7.3

Wednesday - Practice 7.3B

Thursday - 

Week of 2/26/18

Please work on TTM when you have time!

Chapter 3 Test on Tuesday

Monday - Complete Chapter 3 practice test to prepare for test on Tuesday.

Tuesday - No HW

Wednesday - No HW - work on TTM

Thursday - 

Friday - 


Week of 2/19

Please work on TTM when you have time!

Monday - No School

Tuesday - Practice 3.3 ALL

Wednesday - Practice 3.4 #1-15

Thursday - Practice 3.4B Odds ONLY

Friday - 

Week of 2/12/18

Reminder - No School on Friday or Monday

Monday - period 1 - Practice 3.1 Even or odd  period 3 & 6 - Practice 3.2 Even or odd 

Tuesday - Complete any of the activities or work provided to prepare for test on lessons 3.1 and 3.2

Wednesday - 

Thursday - 

Friday - NO SCHOOL


Week of 2/5/18

The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl Champions!!!! Fly Eagles Fly!


Monday - 1st period - Complete coordinate plane picture

                  3rd and 6th period - Odd on End of chapter quiz

Tuesday - No HW

Wednesday - 

Thursday - Practice 3.1

Friday - 

Week of 1/28/18

*We are collecting donations for "Valentines for the Troops" The following items are requested: snack size treats, beef jerky, romin noodles, and chocolates.

*The second marking period ends Wednesday*

Monday - None

Tuesday - Practice 6.4 Even or Odd

Wednesday -

Thursday - 

Friday - 


Week of 1/22/18

Benchmark Assessment Thursday and Friday. Practice using the TTM pathway titled "Benchmark 2"

Monday - Practice 6.2

Tuesday - Practice 6.3

Wednesday - Practice 6.3B

Thursday - study for benchmark test on Friday



Week of 1/15/18

*We are collecting donations for "Valentines for the Troops" The following items are requested: snack size treats, beef jerky, romin noodles, and chocolates.

Monday - No School

Tuesday - Chapter 5 test on Wednesday - complete odds on review test for homework

Wednesday - Make sure Ch 5 Choice Board is complete and handed in. 

Thursday - Work on "Benchmark 2 Review" pathway on TTM

Friday - 

Week of 1/7/18

*Conferences this week!

Monday - Percent/Fraction/ratio practice sheet

Tuesday - No Homework

Wednesday - Work on TTM for 20 Min

Thursday - No Homework

Friday - 


Week of 1/1/18

*Reminder - Conferences are next week. Abbreviated schedule Tuesday - Friday

Tuesday - Percent Practice paper 

Wednesday - 5.6 Puzzle Time (odd only) IF WE DON'T HAVE SCHOOL TOMORROW COMPLETE ALL. 

Thursday - 

Friday - 


Week of 12/11/17

STEM day is 12/14

*vocabulary test and math progress reports need to be signed and returned. 

Monday - Practice 5.3 Even or Odd

Tuesday - 

Wednesday - 

Thursday - 



Week of 12/4/17

Monday - No homework - Work on TTM if you can.

Tuesday - Practice 5.1 Even or Odd

Wednesday - Practice 5.2

Thursday - 

Friday - 

Week of 11/28/17

Chapter 9 Test on Friday

Monday - Practice 9.4

Tuesday - MAD double sided paper

Wednesday - MAD practice paper

Thursday - Complete practice test. Study for chapter 9 test. Use quizlet to review vocabulary

Friday -


Week of 11/20/17

Please help others by bringing in food for our food drive. 

Monday - Work on Mean, Median and Mode Color by number (due Wednesday)

Tuesday - 

Wednesday -

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Week of 11/13/17

Monday - Complete practice 9.1

Tuesday - Complete Practice 9.2

Wednesday - Practice 9.3 You may use a calculator

Thursday - 9.1-9.3 Practice. Quiz Test tomorrow on these topics. 

Friday - Assembly Schedule


Week of 11/6/17


Monday - No homework  Benchmark Testing

Tuesday - Make sure all missing work is in by tomorrow. 

Wednesday -



Week of 10/30/17

AMAZING WORK on the TTM Fall Challenge. The final numbers are not in but it is looking good!!

Chapter 2 Test on Wednesday or Thursday. 

Monday - Chapter 2 practice test ODD ONLY! Do NOT do even. Chapter 2 test Wednesday or Thursday

Tuesday - HAPPY HALLOWEEN Review any skill you need to work of for the Chapter 2 Test

Wednesday - Do any of the activities provided in class to prepare for the Chapter 2 Test. Pick the skill that YOU need to work on. 

Thursday -  No Homework  - Benchmark test on Monday, do whatever YOU need to prepare for this assessment

Friday - Benchmark test on Monday. Topics include: GCF, LCM, Order of Operations, Fractions (all operations), Decimals (all operations) It is your responsibility to work on whatever you need to be prepared for this Benchmark. 


Week of 10/23/17

TTM Fall Challenge this week - work on TTM Fall Challenge pathway as much as you can!

Monday - Practice 2.4 1-13 ODD ONLY - Work on TTM Fall Challenge

Tuesday - practice 2.4B TTM Challenge   

Wednesday - Worksheet TTM Challenge

Thursday - 

Friday - 

Week of 10/16/17

Monday - Practice 2.2

Quiz on Multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers will be on Wednesday or Thursday.

Tuesday - Practice Mid Chapter 2 Test

Wednesday - 1st Period - Practice test Period 3 and 6 no homework

Thursday - 1st period no homework



Week of 10/9/17

Monday - NO SCHOOL

Tuesday - Imagine Math for 15-20 min

Wednesday - Fraction Practice

Thursday - 

Friday - 


Week of 10/2/17

*Reminder that Friday is an abbreviated schedule*

*No school on Monday

Monday - Practice 1.6 Even or Odd

Tuesday - Practice 1.6 B - CHAPTER 1 TEST ON FRIDAY

Wednesday - Fraction worksheet - CHAPTER 1 TEST FRIDAY

Thursday - Chapter 1 Practice Test Even or Odd and ALL word problems

Friday - 


Week of 9/24/17


Monday - Back to School Night - I look forward to meeting all of your parents and guardians


Tuesday -  Practice 1.4 Even or odd & get tests and grade sheets signed


Wednesday - Practice 1.5


Thursday - TTM


Friday - 



Week of 9/18/17

Monday - Practice 1.3

Tuesday - Complete even on practice quiz. Test on 1.1-1.3 tomorrow. 

Wednesday - 

Thursday - NO SCHOOL

Friday - 


Week of 9/11/17

Monday - Please make sure to return information sheets and have requested supplies by Tuesday.

Tuesday - none

Wednesday - none

Thursday - Practice 1.2 even OR odd




 Welcome to 6th Grade!


 I am looking forward to a very exciting and successful year!


This is a list of supplies you need at every class:



Agenda Book



Contact Information

Please come to me with any problems you may have within school. Your parents can reach me:

By Email:


Online Textbook

You are able to access the book and other resources after setting up an account.



Homework is assigned nightly except for Fridays with the occasional exception. It is due the next school day unless otherwise noted. You can check the school web site if you are unsure of the assignments.


Late Assignments

I am sure that you will all hand in work on time. I also understand there may be things that are out of your control. With an acceptable reason, I will except work a

day late. If you do not have an acceptable reason, 20% will be deducted from your grade for the missed

assignment. Work is due when I collect it. If you do not have your work when I collect it your assignment is considered late.