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*4th Marking Period: HEALTH*


Freshman Health Classes: Make sure you have a notebook =)





 Physical Education


4th Marking Period Units

(all units are 15 days)







Rules and Expectations: 


  •    YOUR best effort is expected!!!   Participation is required to receive full credit.



  •     Students must change everyday into clothes not worn to school, even if on a medical.



  •     Proper P.E. Attire:  T-shirt or sweat shirt (no tank tops);  Shorts or sweat pants (no cut-offs);  Sneakers



  •   Report to your teracher on time.



  •   NO jewelry is permitted; See the Student Handbook.


  •   Purchase a lock for your locker and lock up your belongings!!!



  •   No eating, drinking or gum chewing. Water would be the only exception.







  •  One-day excuses can be from a parent or guardian. Excessive notes will require a Dr. note. You still need to change for P.E. class to get full credit for that day.



  •  Extended medical excuses must be from a Doctor and taken directly to the Nurse before school or during lunch period.



  •  Medical excuses do not excuse you from changing for P.E.
  • Everyone is required to change.



  •  A student unable to participate must complete written assignments for participation credit.



  •  Medical notes must be received prior to the end of the marking period.





 Every student begins each marking period with 100 points.  Points are deducted in the areas of dress/participation, sportsmanship/attitude, and skill/knowledge. 



*** Remember the grading policy has been changed.  During the 1st MP a student can earn no lower than a 50.  During the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th MPs a zero may be issued.



Phone:  (609)653-0100, ext. 2602