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Mr. Jamieson   ext. 5652

Physical Education

Expectations of Students

     100% effort is require! (Changing does not = full credit)

     Students much change for class (with appropriate physical education cloths)

     Students on medical still much change for P.E.

     Be on time (in a-wing by the late bell, changed in squads by 5 after the bell)

     No Jewelry. (This includes studs)

     All personal items must be locked in the lockers (EHT P.E. staff is not responsible for any items in the locker room)

     No eating, drinking or chewing gum.

     Always be prepared for the weather if your class is in an outside unit.

Medical Notes

     Doctors notes go directly to the nurses office (not the P.E. teacher)

     If a student is not able to participate they must complete a written assignment for participation credit.

     Medical notes must be received prior to the end of the marking period.


     Infinite campus- when you look on your parent portal there are three categories for P.E. Quarterly, P.E. grade.

     P.E. Grade- this is the students total participation grade (this is kept current) and is worth 90% of the quarter grade.

     Quarterly – This is the grading of written assessments and quarterly test worth 10% of the total quarter grade.

     change for class) if there is a 1 in the potential grade box this mean the student did not change once for P.E. as a result 6 points were deducted from their P.E. grade. In the comment box the date of this offence will be written.