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Your Theme at a Glance: 

 All Themes will be compared and contrasted with the Target Culture to our personal lives in EHT / the United States.


CP German 1:     Meine Freizeit

                              What do Germans do in their freetime?

                                   What do my friends and I do in our freetime?  

                                    Sport und Hobby Presentations



HN German 2:   Let's Take a Tour

                           Where do Germans go for vcacation?

                                What are my favorite places for vacation? 

                              Read and Discuss bike safety in

                              A Bike for Little Tiger 


HN German 3:     Gesund Essen und Leben

                            What do German teens and adults do to

                                 remain healthy? How does this compare

                                 across cultures?

                               Present original cooking / healthy living blogs



AP German 4     AP Theme 3 : Influences of Beauty and Art

                             How do ideals of beauty and aesthetics influence daily life?

                          How does art both challenge and reflect cultural perspectives?

                          How do communities value beauty and art?

                          How is art used to record history?

                                AP On-Line Classroom Interpersonal and Presentational








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Important German Documents


        AP German Syllabus.docx   


      Wilkommen in der Deutschklasse.docx 


      Call the German Teacher.docx 


       Deutsche Welle News Grid .docx 



  German History Power Point


   Deutsche Geschichte.pptx 

  Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen 


   Der Ring des Nibelungen Rheingold.pptx  



  German Grammar Helpers

  HN and AP Deutsche Verben.docx  


  HN and AP Deutsche Verben with answers.docx 



   21 blank verbs.doc  



   50 Common German Verbs.docx  



   The Top 21 German verbs.docx 



   German Conversation Helpers power of 3.docx  



   Grammar Book Markers.docx