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My name is Joseph Goodwin.

I'm happy to be the 6th Grade Math Teacher for Orange 1 (Medica, Whittle, Goodwin).


Please follow my twitter feed: MrGoodwinMath


Although this may be a new way to begin the year, I promise this will be an AMAZING year.

A lot of new things are happening and we will work together to navigate the process.



Hello Parents and Guardians:

My name is Joseph Goodwin and I am your students 6th grade math teacher on the Orange 1 team. On the days of February 8th through the 11th, we will be conducting 10 minute virtual conferences to discuss your student’s progress in mathematics this year. On February 8th and 10th, the conference times are from 6 pm to 8 pm. On February 9th and 11th, the conference times are from 2 pm to 3 pm. Please use the link below to schedule a 10 minute time slot to discuss your student in more depth. We, including Ms. Nycz (are student teacher) are looking forward to seeing you! Any problems or questions, please let me know. When scheduling, please navigate to the February dates and please add your student’s name in the “what” section on the appointment slot. Please post your preferred email in the notes section. During the week of February 1st, a notification will be sent as confirmation of the time slot and a Google Meet link will be included.



1st Period Math (Goodwin): 745gm5a,

link to google meet:


3rd Period Math (Medica): yztem2o

link to google meet:


6th Period Math (Whittle): medwcxg

link to google meet:




As always, ask questions!

You can reach me at:





Mr. Goodwin