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Procedures for Circulation of Library Materials


Circulation Procedures

Davenport Elementary School Library

Laurie Goodman, Media Specialist


Student Circulation Procedures:


Students in Second and Third Grade are allowed to check out one book at a given time.  If a student forgets his/her book(s) they are allowed to check out a paperback book as long as they do not exceed the two book maximum.   

The circulation period is for one week, renewed as often as needed unless there is a waiting list for the material.  For special class projects, students may be permitted to check out more than one book.  Those books are due back as soon as the project is complete.


Teacher Circulation Procedures:

Teachers may borrow as many books and materials as they need to support their lessons.  There is no limit on the amount of items they may borrow.  However, the circulation period is for a 1 month 30 day period.  In addition, teachers are responsible and accountable for the library materials they sign out.  For asset protection purposes, teachers will use a sign-out sheet in their classroom for any library material students take home.




Reference books do not circulate, but may be checked out by faculty for class research projects.  If a student has a special assigned school project, he/she may borrow reference books for a limited time.  They are always available for use in the library.


Audio Books/Listening Kits:

May be checked out by faculty only.


Videos, Kits, and CD-ROMs:

May be checked out by the faculty only.


Overdue Notices:

Overdue notices will be sent home regularly.  Any student who has met their circulation limit or has overdue materials will be banned from obtaining additional materials from the library until the material is either returned or paid for.


Fees and Fines:

Students will not be charged fines for overdue books.  Patrons, which include faculty and students will be held accountable for lost or damaged books, and will be required to replace the book or pay for the book before receiving their final report card according to school policy.



Inventory will be conducted annually at the end of each school year.