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I will be out on maternity leave from March 23rd until the end of the year. Mrs. Janansky will be covering my classes starting April 9th. Her email address is

AP Environmental

Online MasteringEnvironmentalScience

 March 2018 AP Envl.pdf 

                April and May AP ENVL.pdf  ( may change)

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Please scroll below for our weekly activities!

Week of June 11-16th

Period 2/Blue-Don't forget to return your textbook

Monday- Remember, no labs - Electric Car races!

Tuesday-  complete Exploring Mars

Wednesday - No class

Thursday- Media Presentation

Friday - Remember, no labs - Media Presentation. Last day with the seniors.


Period 4/Purple-Don't forget to return your textbook

Monday- No class

Tuesday- Build Electric Cars

Wednesday-Electric Car Race

Thursday- Media Presentation. Last day with Seniors

Friday-No Class


Period 6/Red Don't forget to return your textbooks

Monday- Remember, no labs.  Media Presentation

Tuesday- Media Presentation

Wednesday- No Class

Thursday - Rocket Launch

  Friday-Complete Rocket Journal and turn in.


Period 8/Green

Monday- No Class

Tuesday-Media Presentation

Wednesday - Remember no labs, Media Presentation

Thursday- Rocket Launch

Friday- No Class



  Happy Birthday