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  AP Environmental



CP Core


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Week of May 20th-24th,2019

Period 2/Blue/AP Envl-

Monday- Star Lab

Tuesday-  Lab Day- Quarterly/Course Review/Movie

Wednesday -Movie

Thursday-NO Class

Friday -Field Trip


Period 4/Purple/CP Core-

Monday- Star Lab

Tuesday-No Class

Wednesday-CH 29 Test

Thursday-Lab- Ch 30 Bookwork and Constellation wks

Friday- Constellation wks



Period 6/Red

Monday- Star Lab

Tuesday-Lab Day- Quarterly/ Movie

Wednesday- Ch 29 test

Thursday - No Class

  Friday-Ch 30 book work


Period 8/Green

Monday-Star Lab

Tuesday- NO Class

Wednesday - Movie

Thursday- Lab- Ch 24 Sustainability

Friday- Field Trip



  Happy Birthday




Stephanie 5/14

Sundra 5/2

Kimora 5/24

Yeilie 5/12

Fleur 5/9

Melissa 5/28

Luke 5/22

Daphne 5/31

Rikin 5/6

Linsey 5/20

Johana 5/22