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Greetings Students & Families!

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!


Please welcome Ms. Kelly Cronin who will be teaching you art for the beginning of the school year.  Look for your classroom teacher's name & Class Code below for Google Classroom:




E. Cummings  - drat3rb


W. Doyle  - qxeex23


V. Beck - bh2apzv


J. Gevers  - azqhrgc


C. Miles/Blauvelt - cv5j6xg


K. Collado  - ysec76g​




D. Cuthbertson - swctqe4


K. Thavisack- vzzwdeh


J. Chiorazzo- gyrniz5


M. Monclus- abvwezq


J. Nidorf- nx6pm4v


M. Fiola- zotnedz




K. Siegel- kvyjp7q


S. Tuthill- xwnqrwu


K. Kretschmer- vcdc3c4


K. Pratt- hacga6d


M. Heck- vh5wykm




B. Rush- n6p6m37


C. Maples- agk5klj


C. Budd- opr5p2s


S. Ward- vlqay3h


M. Shuttleworth- 3i6auhn



The weekly art schedule is below.  You only have ONE 30 minute art class.  Look for your teacher's name, the art day & time.  


 You may use scrap paper, pencil, crayon, marker, watercolor or any other materials you have at home to create your designs.  


 Don't forget to write your name on all of your papers! 


When your project is complete, you may send her a photo to  If you can't take a photo, don't worry. 


Have a GREAT start to your school year!