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Greetings Students & Families!


To find your art assignments, please go to: GoogleClassroom/ElementarySpecialsTeam/Classwork/Art

where I will be posting videos and PowerPoints to draw to,

as well as other instructional materials.


 Use scrap paper, pencil, crayon, marker or watercolor to create your designs.  



Don't forget to write your name and room # on all of your papers! 


When your project is complete, you may send me a photo to the email below.  If you can't take a photo, don't worry.  


Please stay safe, don't stress out about the assignments...

there is a lot of flexibility!  


To get into Google Classroom "Elementary Specials Team" use Code y3nq3d7


Please email me at with any questions or concerns.


Ms. Frisch

CJ Davenport Elementary Art Teacher

Grades 2 & 3