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Welcome to Silver Team Science and Striving for Excellence!

Students will be challenged to synthesize and evaluate scientific questions, explain scientific concepts through writing and presentation, and be creative.  Problem-solving, critical thinking, and communicating scientific concepts clearly are an emphasis in science class.








Google Classroom is our online classroom platform. Please use the codes below to join your class.  Check your schedule in Parent Portal to find your class period for science.


Please sign-in using Google Chrome and your EHT Google account in order to access Google Classroom,  Google Meet "virtual meetings", and your district email address.


EHT Google Username/email address:

Your last name followed by your first initial and the last three digits of your student identification number.

Example with a student ID# of 123456:


CONTACT Mrs. Flesch by email:  



Period 2 (Advanced Science/Widener): 5wpzymu

Period 3 (Delaware with Mrs. Fuller): r3le2t3

Period 4a (Rowan): ktyvjty

Period 5 (TCNJ with Ms. Bird): s2zfwr3




Attention Silver Team Students!!

This policy begins as of the second marking period.



Late work will be accepted during two different points within the marking period. All late work can be handed in up until the interim. Then, after interim, late work that was assigned before the interim will NOT be accepted. However, any work assigned from the interim date until the end of the marking period will be accepted late for partial credit up until the end of the marking period. Remember: Keep up with your work as it is assigned in class or for homework. Promptly make up missed lessons or work when you are absent.



7th Grade Textbook:

Elevate Science Course 2 (2020), Savvas Learning Company, LLC (Pearson)


  • Topics of Study
    • Topic 1: The Cell System
    • Topic 2: Human Body Systems
    • Topic 3: Reproduction and Growth
    • Topic 4: Ecosystems
    • Topic 5: Populations, Communities, and Ecosystems
    • Topic 6: Distribution of Natural Materias
    • Topic 7: Human Impacts on the Environment
    • Topic 8: Waves and Electromagnetic Radiation
    • Topic 9: Electricity and Magnetism
    • Topic 10: Information Technologies