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Welcome to 2020-2021 School Year. A very unconventional start to the year but we are all doing the best we can to help the spread of Covid 19. I look forward to the day when we will meet in person. 


Everyone wil have access to our online book. That informaiton is available in your Google Classroom. 


I will try to make this as interesting and challenging as possible in our virtual world. I look forward to interacting with you each day. Your responsibility is to come to class and stay on for the time alloted for Math or Algebra class. 


Please feel free to email me any questions you might have. All of our Middle School Students now have access to their school email. I check my email frequently.


Google Classroom Invite Link: Please join your perspective Google Classroom as soon as possible. We will be meeting at your classtime on Tuesda, Sept 8th. 

Algebra(Section 11)

Brown (Section 12)

Stanford( Section 13)

Upenn(Section 14)