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District Mission Statement for 2020-2021:

To embrace families and their students to provide a safe, rigorous, and relevant learning experience while students are engaged and educated to become responsible for their own learning.


District Learning Goals for 2020-21:


1. IMPROVE STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT -  Prioritize Literacyfor all; Meet the social and emotional learning needs of individuals; create innovative learning experiences with STREAM education.


2. SUPPORT CLIMATE and CULTURE -  Administrators, teachers, students, parents and community members will support positive learning environments,  where all are recognized and rewarded for achievement, progress, good character, work ethic and a respect for diversity.


3. BUILD COMMUNITY PRIDE -  Reach out to the community by creating partnerships and cultivating relationships with all stakeholders.


Fernwood Avenue Middle School's Focus for 2020-21:

To engage students with innovative learning.