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Honors Homework 


Signed contract and letter to parents/guardians

Binder check and books covered

To Kill a Mockingbird quiz


due date to be announced: literary glossary Part 1


9/26: Thesis Statements due 


10/3: Literary Glossary Quiz and Literary Glossary (Part 1) due


10/10: Essay (Full, printed, draft, with works citations).


10/4 (periods 1 and 5), 10/7 (period 3): To Kill a Mockingbird group themes, To Kill a Mockingbird 1-6 themes, and To Kill a Mockingbird literary elements


10/17: Final Draft submitted into 


10/23: "Recitatif" reading quiz (includes vocab.)


11/4: "Recitatif" presentations 


11/15: "I've Been to the Mountaintop" annotations (pd 1 and 5)


11/18: "I've Been to the Mountaintop" annotations (pd 3)


11/20: check turnitin essay comments 


12/3: Reading Quiz on Desert Exile (includes vocab)


12/3 SAT essay outline template


12/9: SAT essay rough draft (printed)


12/11: Society and Race test for periods 1 and 5

12/12: Society and Race test for period 3


12/12: SAT essay final draft submitted to