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These activities corespond with our current unit, The point values appear BELOW each task




Create an Artifact

Create an artifact from Greek or Norse culture or model piece that we can display at our Night at the Museum. Pottery, jewelry, clothing- it’s up to you! Write several sentences describing your creation on an index card that can be displayed with your masterpiece.

5 points

Create an interactive exhibit for our museum You can select any topic related to the ancient cultures we have been discussing

Some ideas to get you started:




Interactive means that it includes things that our visitors can interact with- Flaps to flip open,

wheels to turn etc.

7 points

Make A model

*Mt Olympus


*Trojan Horse


*Hermes Sandals

*Thor’s Hammer


*Poseidon’s Trident

Have an idea? Let me know

5 points

Make a Commercial

for our museum. Make it fun and exciting to get your classmates excited about coming. We will link it on our website to share with other classes.

3 points

Read a chapter book with mythological characters. Write a brief summary of the book.

3 points

Mythology Today

How is mythology still influencing our world today? Make powerpoint/slides presentation that illustrates and explains 4 or more examples.

2 points


Columns were an important part of Greek architecture

Make a Greek column that can be displayed at our museum- 3D or 2D is fine- as long as it is detailed and museum worthy

2 points per column type


Create a Work of art that depicts a mythological monster. Be sure to include the monster’s name on your masterpiece

Some examples include but aren’t limited to:

Medusa,Hydra, Cyclops,Minotaur

This should be an artistic piece! Not a quick sketch on notebook paper.

2-3 points


Create a “Wanted” poster

You are looking for a specific Mythological creature (your choice) so be sure to include:


-What they are wanted for

-Last seen



3 points


Make a family tree of the Gods.

It needs to be poster board sized,visually appealing, and neat.

3 points

Seeing Stars STEM Activities: Learning about Constellations - Crafts, Sculptures, & iPad App:

The constellations are rooted

in mythology. Create something that shares some of this history with us.

2-6 points

Who was Archimedes?

Complete one of these projects to help you find out.

*Make an Archimedes screw

*Demonstrate Archimedes principle- make a video of the demonstration to share with the class. (if you would like to do it “live” check with me to see if this is a possibility.

4 points