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Welcome to the Davenport Elementary School gym!



Scroll down for EMERGENCY CLOSING assignment


Davenport Elementary Specials Teachers would like to talk to all of our students Tuesday morning (3/24/20) at 10:30.  Please join us by following the link below.  Of course, please get your parent's permission first!  

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 829 062 622





Mr. Jeff Conley

Physical Education Teacher

Davenport Elementary School

(609) 645-3550 ext. 1341








***Emergency school closing Virtual Assignment***


Week:  March 23rd - 27th


Please complete ONE movement activity and ONE worksheet. 

 Click here for emergency plans.pdf 



More FUN Activities:


Follow along DANCE videos




Code to join Mr. Conley's Google Classroom:  pvyacqd 










Rules of the gymnasium:


1.  Wear sneakers

2.  Be a good sport

3.  Be respectful to everyone

4.  Try your best