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If you're ready to make things happen, I'm ready to help you make them happen!





With the pandemic mostly in the rearview mirror, let's move forward by going back.  Let's get back to moving around. Let's get back to working together.  Let's get back to having some fun in PE. 


I'm excited about this school year, and I hope you jump on board and help make it great! 





Now you can text me!  If you want to text me directly, or leave a voice message that I can answer, please do so at 609-798-1383.


I'm happy to answer any concerns you may have, problems you may be having with an assignment, or ideas you have for what we can do for class.  


We can make the best of it, or we can make the worst of it.  It's up to us.  Me personally, I'd like to make the best of it.  The alternative is not as appetizing.  

Keep moving!