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If you're ready to make things happen, I'm ready to help you make them happen!



2020 has been 'interesting' so far, to say the least. But here we are, trying to do our best.  At first, I am listing my classes and their codes.  




Period 1 Code: k43wzjjp   Link




Period 3  Code: w5h5ife   Link




Period 4  Code: iegp4xg   Link:




Period 6  Code:  d55i6hn   Link:




Keep your heads up and be ready to do.  Don't sweat the small stuff, but do your best.  Whatever it is, we can handle it.  I look forward to having everyone in class. 





Now you can text me!  If you want to text me directly, or leave a voice message that I can answer, please do so at 609-798-1383.


I'm happy to answer any concerns you may have, problems you may be having with an assignment, or ideas you have for what we can do for class.  


We can make the best of it, or we can make the worst of it.  It's up to us.  Me personally, I'd like to make the best of it.  The alternative is not as appetizing.  

Keep moving!




Looks like the shutdown could last longer than we originally thought.  Here is the code to my google classroom.  Here is where you will get assignments and activities you can do.




Go to and click to join a classroom and enter this code.  All future assignments will be posted here.  Also, be sure to complete any assigments that will be there, mainly through the use of google forms.  


All will be ok.  Take your time, don't worry, and you'll be fine.  Be well and be safe. 






Shutdown Assignments


3/18/20  You have all received your packets with the assignments required.  You have the opportunity to replace 3 written assignments with 3 fitness assignments.  All you have to do is watch the videos I post, comment with how it went and your name, and shoot me an email with both.  That's it.


The first workout video is here. You may have to open in a new tab or window by right clicking. 


Another video will be coming very soon!


Whatever happens we will be ready.  Keep moving!!!




2019 is HERE!!


As a new year begins, many people take the opportunity to consider how they want to shape their future.  Take a moment to consider:


a. Who you want to be?

b. How to you want others to view you?

c. What small improvements can you make?

d. What direction is your life going?


The same wind blows on us all.  It all depends on how you set your sail.