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My name is Ms. Gina Burnett.

I teach 2nd and 3rd Grade LRC Language Arts and Mathematics at the H. Russell Swift Elementary School!

I look forward to an amazing year helping your child learn and grow!







Your child will have LRC homework

Monday through Thursday.


Their homework will reflect the lesson taught that day or skills that we need to work on for mastery. We check it every day together when the students return to school.

Their homework will be noted daily in their homework log. 

As needed, please assist your child to complete and return the assignment each night.


Reading - 15-30 mins. every night and sign Reading Log.

 Story and Daily work to go with the story that

is sent home - sign nightly and return to school on Friday. Spelling Test every Friday on the words sent.

Math - Worksheet/problems for review of daily skill.




If you have any questions or concerns you can email me:


You may also call me at 927-4141 X 2115