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The eighth grade English curriculum strives to develop a sense of language responsibility by providing guidelines that clearly establish limitations and standards of what is and what is not acceptable language behavior.  These guidelines hopefully produce the student’s language conscience, a basic attitude of responsibility toward language, awareness that language is not purely for personal pleasure but is a social tool to be used wisely and well if one is to communicate effectively.


This year, English will include:

                                        Composition skills

                                        Sentence structure

                                        Speaking skills


                                        Revise and edit skills

                                        Research paper
                                        Short stories


Each day, the student needs to bring:

                                        Three ring binder and paper

                                        Pens, pencils, highlighters (yellow plus 4 other colors)

                                        Elements of Language  and Elements of Literature– textbooks

                                        School ID card  and Fernwood Ave. Middle School Pass          

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Blue Team Office phone number   383-3355 ext. 1586