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Welcome to Mr. Buhrman’s Web Page. 

Mr. Lee Buhrman is a Millersville University graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Arts Technology.  He has been teaching for over thirty-eight years, thirty-Four of which have been with Egg Harbor Township.

In addition to teaching Graphic Arts Technology I and II, he assists the Performing Arts Department with their productions.


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Graphic Arts Technology I  

This course provides the student with the basic fundamentals of printing techniques, photography, graphic design and layout and related skills using the computer.  Emphasis will be on basic lithography, screen process and photographic reproduction techniques and principles along with career orientation. .  The study of graphic design is an excellent tool for any student considering yearbook design and journalism as it gives full hands-on approach in laying out text and graphics.


Graphic Arts Technology II

This course is a continuation of Graphic Arts Technology I, in which the student takes the skills he or she has learned in Graphic Arts Technology I and is challenged with more complex projects and assignments. The student will become familiar with the basic fundamentals of computerized graphics using the computer.  Silkscreen and offset printing for T-shirts, posters, business cards, flyers, brochures, memo pads, resumes and various forms of printable material will be taught in the form of graphic design.  Digital or traditional photography may be utilized in the production of all graphic projects.

Students will learn how to implement digital and original art by using digital cameras, scanners and the very latest Adobe software programs including:  PhotoShop, Illustrator, and InDesign. By utilizing the technology that is foremost among graphic designers today, career opportunity becomes an attainable transition. 



Mr. Buhrman may be reached at:  
[email protected]
Or (609) 653-0100 Ext 1675