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Hi....My name is Diane Braue and I teach Physical Education at Swift School.  My partner, Mr. Fiorenza also teaches at Swift School as well as Slaybaugh Elementary.  

Please become familiar with your child's gym days.  They must wear sneakers and comfortable clothing on those days. Please no jewelry on gym days.

My philosophy is "Fitness is Fun"!  My partner and I try to convey that message in everything we teach.....


During the month of February, the students will  be participating in a basketball unit.    We will also be doing our Monthly Motivator Cardiac Caper(indoor run) in which the students must jog continuously for 10 minutes.  The students can earn Certificates and Charms(depends on grade level) upon completion each month.     Finally, with all the colds and flu this month, if your child is not feeling well on their gym day, please send them with a note from you excusing them from the gym class.



In the cafeteria, Mr. Jesse Tannehil, Dietician from Shop Rite will continue to teach the students about MY PLATE and healthy eating habits.  


Parents:  Try to make fitness a good habit in your house...make it a Family Affair...take a bike ride, go for a walk on the boardwalk or around the frisbee outside 


Parents:  Encourage your children to eat healthy. Taste the rainbow each day of healthy fruits and vegetables.     Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.  My phone number at Swift is 927-4141 Ext . 5368