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Students Reference Section




1. Crashcourse: Biology -- This site offers videos that are student recommended.  There are many videos, each on a topic we cover in Biology.  If you are having trouble with a particular topic, search for it here and it might just offer you the help you need to understand the idea.  There are even more videos offered on YouTube.  Also, there are videos for the other subjects, especially History!




2.  Test Taking Secrets--  This document will give you some tricks to conquer the tough Tests in this class and beyond!




3.  Remember your MasteringBiology website STUDY AREA!   This is an underutilized source!  I guarantee you that if you spend time here practicing the material and taking the practice tests that you will IMPROVE YOUR GRADE AS WELL AS YOUR TEST TAKING SKILLS.  Do not forget about this.  In the past, students who get the hang of the test questions are the ones that are on on this site, practicing and honing their skills!


4. Project Golden Frog: a wildlife conservation group that is dedicated to protecting one of the Earth's rarest frogs.