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Modeling the Water Cycle





Students observed the water cycle in action in our classroom.  They witnessed water turn to a gas (evaporation), turn back into a liquid when it approached the "clouds" (condensation), and fall back down to "earth" (precipitation). 













 Frog or Toad?




Today you will be able to tell us the difference between a frog and a toad.







First, visit the websites and videos below.  Then use the information you've discovered to complete the Venn diagram given to you by your teachers.  A fact bank can be found at the bottom of your paper.








All About Frogs






Frogs are Amphibians




Frogs versus Toads




Frogs and Toads- Explaining their Differences








After watching this video, what can you tell us about toads?  They are actually a type of ________.




Check out Malcolm's video!