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Gym Rules


1.Wear sneakers on Gym days
2. Raise your hand, no calling out please
3. Sit in your 2 line spot
4. Use your manners (Please, thank you, excuse me, you're welcome)
5. Keep hands to yourself
6. Be nice to others and the Gym equipment
7. For safety reasons, please no loose necklaces, long earrings, or loose bracelets
8. If a student has to be excused from Gym, the student must bring in a doctor's note


Weekly Activities


February 4- February 8: Speed walk and Go Noodle activities

February 11- February 15: Jump Rope for Heart Stations

Teacher Gym Times


1st Grade



Ms. McQuillen: Tuesday 11:05-11:45 and Thursday 2:35-3:15


Mrs. Hampton: Wednesday 2:35-3:15 and Friday 11:05-11:45


Mrs. Taylor: Thursday 10:20-11:00 and Friday 1:50-2:30


Mrs. Curtin: Thursday 1:50-2:30 and Friday 10:20-11:00


Mrs. Minter Wednesday 11:05-11:45 and Friday 2:35-3:15


Mrs Lukas: Monday 1:50-2:30 and Tuesday 10:20-11:00 


Mrs. Matricardi: Monday 10:20-11:00 and Wednesday 1:50-2:30


Ms.Battilana: Monday 11:05-11:45 and Tuesday 2:35-3:15