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                 The 6th, 7th and 8th grade Health and Physical Education Curriculum encourages our students to

             engage in physical activity throughout their life time.  We will work on developing skills in a wide

             variety of physical activities and engage in physical fitness exercises to help students pursue a

             physically active life style. 

         100%   Participation - Prepared for class.

                       Each student starts the beginning of each marking period with 100 pionts.  Students loose 5

                   points each day that they are unprepared for class.  A deduction of daily points will occur if a

                   student doesn't meet daily expectations.  (late, behavior, participation, etc.)   


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P.E. Clothing:         
Athletic shoes, shorts/sweats, T-shirt or sweat shirt.

           Lockers are available for all students.  They are encouraged to bring in a combination lock to secure
              their personal belongings. 





              Grading system:

                   70% tests/quizes

                   30% classwork / class participation