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Mrs. Albert's seventh grade  English class



February 8th - 11th, 2021


A NOTE TO PARENTS: Parent Teacher Conferences are coming up. Please use the link found on my Google classroom stream to schedule a conference.

1. When you click on the link, navigate to week of February 8, 2021.

2. When scheduling, please include your child's name in the "WHAT" section on the appointment slot. You can leave the "WHERE" section blank.

3. Please add your preferred email address in the notes section, so I can send you a confirmation with the Google Meet link.

4. I will send out confirmations the week of February 1, 2021.








Welcome to a new year!  Since we're starting the year with virtual instruction, everyone will need to access Google classroom for their class period.  



Pd 2:

Pd 3:

Pd 5:

Pd 6: 




Welcome to Virtual Learning!


Here is a quick list of materials that may help you at home and in the classroom for hybrid learning. 


  • Virtual: Paper, pencils, pen, whiteboard, whiteboard marker & eraser
  • Hybrid: Paper, pencils, pen, binder, notebooks, headphones/earbuds, BYOD (refer below)


Assignments~ Refer to your Google Classroom for the FULL weekly explanation; including "Week at a Glance" and assignment links.  


Google Classroom~  Everything you'll need for learning will be posted on the STREAM with directions on how and where to find everything you will need to be successful.

To Turn-In/Submit/Mark as Done an assignment; please use Google Classroom to do so. You MUST do this so I can grade it! You can also find your "missing" or "returned" assignments under "Classwork". You may see grades on Google Classroom, but all official grades will be on "Infinite Campus/Parent Portal".


Google Meets - Each class will meet daily for virtual instruction.  Attendance will be taken at the beginning, so please be prompt.  If you are unable to attend the virtual class, you will be marked absent, which will then be sent to the Attendance office. 



Virtual Learning Expectations for Students.pdf


Grading Scale:
                                         100 - 90    A
                                           89 - 80    B
                                           79 - 70    C
                                           69 - 60    D
                                           59 -  0     F