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Summer Work Page
**Not for Medical Science Academy Students**


Welcome to Honors Biology!  Here you will find the necessary documents to complete your summer work.  Please read the introductory letter carefully so you know what you are responsible for and when it is all due.  "I didn't know" is not an acceptable excuse.   Have a great summer and I am excited to see you in September!


Have a different Honors Biology teacher? That's ok!  All of our students are completeing the same summer assignment, so you can download the assignments from any of our webpages (Mr. Dannenhauer and Mrs. Carmella)!


                                               Introductory Letter

Chapter 1 Text                                                          Chapter 2 Text

Chapter 1 Study Guide                                            Chapter 2 Study Guide

Chapter 1 Powerpoint                                             Chapter 2 PowerPoint 

Chapter 1 Practice Test                                            Chapter 2 Practice Test