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Welcome back



Dear Students, Parents and Guardians:


This September Eagle Academy begins its 19th year.  Our veteran staff is busy planning activities that will bring opportunities for each student to be successful. We are a unique alternative school utilizing small class-sizes and a hands-on learning environment.  In the upcoming school year we will continue to be involved with community service projects, work-skill training sites and enrichment trips.


Embrace- Engage- Educate ! Every Child Everyday !


Our focus this year is to Embrace each student as an individual learner, Engaging them with challenging classes, projects and activities. We are committed to differentiate instruction in order to promote the best possible Education. Parents & care-givers can do their part by making sure their kids are here everyday. If they aren’t here, we can’t teach. Students who average more than 1 absence per month have a higher chance of failing classes and dropping out of school. Let’s work together to make this school year the best yet. Please call or email us!



  • Classes begin on Thursday September 7th at 8:45.
  • Students are to report to their first period class.



We are looking forward to a productive year. You can help by making sure that daily attendance remains a priority throughout the year. Absences and tardiness do not lead to success. Comments and questions are always welcome.  Please call us here at 926-1235.





Bud Smith

Director of Eagle Academy