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AMS School Counselor- Jennifer Bourgeois







Albany Middle School employs a full-time counselor to assist students in the development of new skills, attitudes, and values during the middle transitional years.  The counselor has been especially trained to assess and meet the needs of students who have educational, vocational. or personal-social issues.




Albany Middle School has a comprehensive school counseling program covering the personal/social, academic, and career domains. The program serves all students at AMS through services such as, individual and group counseling, and classroom guidance lessons. The school counselor has permission to meet with students unless a parent previously requests otherwise. Students may request to see the counselor by placing a note in the mailbox on the counselor's door. For questions about the school counseling program, call 225-567-5231 and ask to speak with the counselor.


School Counseling Services include:

Individual counseling 
Group counseling 
Classroom guidance lessons
Parent conferences 
Agency referrals 
Crisis management 



The school counseling program attempts to meet the needs of students to help them become better citizens and productive, well-adjusted individuals in school and society.


If you are interested in meeting your child's school counselor, call the office at (225) 567-5231 to set up an appointment.