Welcome to English with Miss Borsuk! Please use the tabs on the right to find information about your class.

Miss Borsuk's Contact Information
E-mail Address: KBorsuk@rumsonfairhaven.org
Phone Number:  (732) 842-1597 ext. 810 

Miss Borsuk's Schedule
Period 1: English IV in Room 317

Period 2: Literacy Intervention with Mr. Highton in room 413

Period 3: English I Honors in Room 317

Period 4: English I Honors in Room 317

Period 5: Lunch

Period 6: English I in Room 317

Period 7: Prep.

Period 8: English I Honors in Room 317

Period 9: Learning Resource Center in the Upper Library

Miss Borsuk's Office Hours
Generally, my office hours will be Monday-Friday, 7:20-7:45. Please schedule appointments. You may also stop by to see if I happen to be available.


You can also meet with me during LRC! Just ask for a pass in the morning.