Ms. Smith             

Manila Middle School        
5th & 6th Grades                


About me:
My name is Wanda Smith. Manila School and I go back a long way. I had opportunity to attend our beloved school system for 4 years in grades 9-12. I attended ANC when it operated under a different name. Eventually I graduated from ASU with a double bachelor's degree majoring in early childhood/elementary education. I was hired in 1992 to teach summer school. Then a permanent position was opened for me to teach 1st grade here at Manila in the fall of the same year. I have called Manila School my home ever since. After 12 years of teaching 1st grade, I was moved to 3rd grade. I taught at that level for 3 years and was allowed to move to middle school to teach 5th grade math which I taught for 7 years. This year I am teaching a third year of overflow science and social studies in the 5/6 building.