Mrs. Scott's Class

I'm so excited to be a 7th and 8th grade Science teacher.  I am expecting to have a wonderful year.  Science class will be different from what is has been in the past.  We are going to be trying something new.  Come to Science class excited and ready to learn!! 

Science Class Supplies: (7th and 8th)

1. 3-ring binder  (1.5 inch)
2. loose leaf paper in the binder
4. color pencils or crayons

5. stick glue

6. pencils

7. erasers

8. scissors

9. zip/jump drive (this can be used all year and in many classes)

10. composition book for interactive notebook                         

 * The supply list will stay up all year due new students entering school.


**Note on HOMEWORK: I do not assign daily homework.  Students do most of the work in my class so I can monitor and help as needed.  However, there may be times when homework may be assigned...for example: STUDY FOR TEST.  Students may or may not be given a study guide.  The students may be given two days to study for tests.**