April 25, 2017 

Alternative Learning Environment 

Mr. Rodney W. Lancaster / "aka" Coach Lancaster


BSE, MSE, Ed.S, Ed.D 


Welcome to the Manila High School Alternative Education/ teacher web page. Alternative Education is part of the Manila High School development of meaningful research-based intervention programs for Arkansas students. Alternative Education at Manila High School will endeavor to bring hope to at-risk students and to provide them with a better, brighter future.



Alternative Education at Manila High School continues to gain the attention of parents and students, in the Manila High School district. An Arkansas Qualified Teacher (AQT) will deliver rigorous and relevant curriculum in innovative strategies to students that have been carefully selected for the alternative education program.



It is the mission of the Alternative Education classroom to provide the foundation and support to students who need a non-traditional learning environment. Through collaboration, and guidance, the Alternative Education teacher works to ensure that students who require a non-traditional educational environment shall have every opportunity available for them to learn.



  Alternative Learning Environment Philosophy  


Just as student's lives proceed well beyond the moment when they get off their bus in the afternoon, so too, should a teachers impact expand past the forty to ninety minutes between bells in which they are teaching. This is the time students' lives are transitioning into the people they will ultimately be, and therefore it is the duty of educators to facilitate the educational and emotional maturation of these young individuals. Through the forging of positive, encouraging relationships, teachers have the power to meaningfully impact hundreds of lives for the better. While teachers cannot overlook the power of instruction, they cannot be misguided in believing that this is their only responsibility. Teachers must understand they are not just teaching core subjects, they are teaching kids.