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Social Studies: We are studying early man and archaeology in social studies. Students are using their tech books online to learn more about this extrememly interesing topic!

We are currently doing an interdisciplianry unit with S.S and Science all about Halloween, folled by beginning ancient Mesopotamia.


Science: We have a spiraled curriculum for Science here at Trevor, which means we will do some life, earth, and physical science. 

We are currently in our first unit learning about the scientific method. Be sure to ask your student about our STEM halloween labs!




An engineer from a local firm new to the area, Vonco, was kind enough to come in and talk to Mrs. Nickles PLTW engineering 6th grade class today. Thank you to Mr. James Konicke and Vonco!!

Wow!  Check this out!

Read the full article HERE!




Cooper and Tate say hello!!