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What is Talented and Gifted?


The Trevor Talented And Gifted Program recognizes and addresses the unique needs of students who may require enriched, accelerated, and other differentiated experiences.  The program promotes the development of individual talents and gifts while fostering intellectual, social, and emotional growth.  The formal Talented and Gifted Program is designed for students in grades Pre K-8.  Teachers in all grade levels meet the needs of their students by differentiating instruction within the classroom, and can set the stage for future participation in the Talented & Gifted Program.



Definition of Talented and Gifted – Students enrolled in public schools who give evidence of high performance capability in intellectual, creative, artistic, leadership, or specific academic areas and who need services or activities not ordinarily provided in a regular school program in order to fully develop such capabilities (s.118.35(1), Wis. Stats., 1998).


Intellectual – Students will high aptitude for critical thinking and problem solving, who master skills and concepts quickly, and whose cognitive development is accelerated beyond their age peers as demonstrated by consistently superior skills, concepts, and creative expression.


Specific Academic – Students who show early interest and consistently superior ability in one or more of the specific academic areas: language arts, math, science, or social studies.


Creative – Students who are highly insightful, imaginative, and innovative, and who consistently develop new and novel solutions for conventional tasks.


Artistic – Students who excel consistently in the development of a product or performance in any of the visual or performing arts, or in the area of technical education.


Leadership – Students who emerge as leaders and who not only consistently demonstrate superior abilities to accomplish group goals by working with others, but are also accepted by others as leaders.