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Mission Statement


We will try our best every day, be kind to one another, and meet our goals.



 In our classroom the daily schedule, enrichment schedule, and rules are posted with pictures



Most Important Rules:


Keep hands, feet  and objects to yourself

Raise you hand

Treat others with kindness




Homework: A homework schedule will be available shortly



Behavior:   There will not b a color system instead there are stwps to follow when re-direction is needed.  Consequences for behaviors that hurt another is immediate removal from the situation.    



Communication:  Notes are placed in student's planners daily.  Papers to be signed and returned will be in folders.  Please check every day. 



Supply List



3 boxes of tissues

5 packs of pencils

5 glue sticks

1 pack index cards

2 packs lose leaf paper- wide ruled

2 inch 3 ring binder

Folder for binder

Planner (elementary-purchased through school)




Snack:  students have a snack everyday 



If you need to contact me call the school office and leave a message anytime please include times you are available.  I am also able to meet before school (7-7:20) or after school (2:20-3:00).  Please do not hesitate to call; I am here to help both families and students succeed.