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Welcome to 2021 / 2022! 





Google Classroom Codes:

6th Grade Computer Principles: 2nh356p

Green Coding 1: 2bkehfq

Gold Coding 2: fosntz7

Red Coding 2: re6df6r

Purple Coding 1: 3uhdkmo

Blue Coding 2: wckxzcm




Coding/Web Development/App Development

This elective teaches computer programming skills using a variety of software programs which includes basic block coding, HTML and Mobile Application development. Projects include creating a web page using HTML, interactive mobile apps and animated gaming projects.



7th & 8th Grade - Choice of 1 CTE class/Choice of  1 Related Arts class a year. (2 marking periods each class)

 Computer Principles

Sixth grade students are introduced to coding, robotics and entrepreunership while learning valuable computer skills.  Improving typing skills is one of the major goals of this marking period course.


Coding 2

This course is a continuation from Coding 1 and is designed to introduce students to basic programming. Curriculum will include text-based coding in the language Python using a graphics package specifically designed to be a great entry point for students.









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