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REMINDER:  PLEASE REVIEW AND EMPTY CONTENTS OF GREEN FOLDER NIGHTLY!  Important school information and your child's completed work is coming home in the folder!. 




        CAMP INFORMATION:                   

Bell Times:  8:55am-3:10pm (doors open at 8:30) 


Breakfast The cafeteria doors close at 8:45 each morning. If you wish for your child to eat breakfast at school, they must be in the cafeteria before 8:45. Please tell your child to go straight to the cafeteria BEFORE coming to class in the morning. If your child eats breakfast at school a breakfast will card hooked to their backpack.  


Dismissal For your child's safety, changes to how your child is going home MUST be in writing. We cannot take your child's word for it. Please make sure you send in a note with your child or you may fax one to the front office.  Please use a yellow note with dismissal changes (from the pad you received at Open House) so that I can send up to the office AND ALSO a quick note in your child's planner on that day indicating car, dawn to dusk, bus, etc.   


Homework: May be given Monday-Thursday. Please assist your child in being successful this year by reviewing homework for accuracy and completion! Please have your child read nightly for 20 minutes. They will have an opportunity to take an AR test on the books they have read at home. Parents are encouraged to share this time with your child by reading together!


Student Binders:  Students will be given a binder at the beginning of the school year that will be used throughout the year. The binder will contain all important school information that will go home with students daily at dismissal and to be returned with your child the next day. Please review the binder with your child nightly to keep apprised of school happenings, homework, Language Arts weekly study guide, classwork, etc....


Special Request!!!  We use a color coded system of red, yellow, green and blue folders in our room. For green and blue folders, I prefer plain paper folders with no prongs. Red and yellow folders may be made of any material.  

Green and blue folders will be inserted in the binders, which will come home daily. Green will hold all school correspondance/news and completed work to be reviewed and emptied by parents daily. Blue folders holding homework. Red folders will be used for media and should remain at the student's desk. Yellow folders are for unfinished work that will also remain at your child's desk. Please do not stress about this! If there is an issue, we will make do!!!


 Our Class Mission Statement:

(Work in progress!)




                  Park Ranger Glidden 

Your child's wellbeing is my utmost concern.Email is the most efficient way to get in touch with me to relay concerns, questions, information that may affect your child's day, etc.... I will get back to you!


  Contact Information:

I can be reached by phone or by email.

Email is best as the front office will not put calls

through while class is in session. 

School Phone: 458-0033