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New for 2018-19 



New Elective - Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking

Starting the 2018-19 academic year, a new course "Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking" will be taught for a half of the academic year (forty-five instructional periods) in B234.  The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the steps it would take to become an entrepreneur.


First, we will look at financial literacy (understanding the skills needed for proper money management).  In this portion of the course, we will utilize some of the mathematical skills the students will need to make sound financial decisions throughout their lives.   


Once personal finances are discussed, we will then examine the financial benefits of being an entrepreneur.  The student will research some famous entrepreneurs and their keys to success.  The students will then take that research and begin creating their own business.  The business will revolve around a product.  This "Passion Project" will give the students the opportunity to create and design a prototype based on their interest.  Some basic materials will be provided but it is very possible that materials will be needed to be brought in from home to complete this project.


Once this "Passion Project" is in the design phase, a business will begin to be built around this idea. Many successful business are created with a business plan.  The students will examine examples of successful plans and create their own plan.  Through this business plan, the students will understand what it takes to create and be responsibleness for running a business.


Upon completion of the prototype, the four "P"s of marketing will be discussed.  Product, place, price and promotion will drive a marketing campaign.  Students will learning the best way to advertise their prototype through the various forms of digital media. 


The final aspect of the course will be for the students to create a pitch for their product and try to encourage investors (fellow classmates) to "buy in" to their business.


If you are a successful entrepreneur or business owner and would like to be a guest speaker for our class, email us.



If you have any questions about any of the topics we are covering in class, please feel free to contact me. (Email prefered)