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Friday, June 12, 2020


We made it! 

Don't forget materials drop-off/pick-up at Brass Castle today from 12:00 to 3:00It has been a pleasure and an honor to be your teacher this year. Keep reading books that you love and keep writing your stories.  All the best as you continue your journey to Middle School.  Happy summer!


                     Mrs. Motzenbecker


Thursday, June 11, 2020


Stormy, inside day!  Today is the last day to submit your letter to your future self!  Have you found some good summer reading yet?  I will be available today if you have any questions.  Send a chat message!  The poems we read on Zoom are under the "Poems" tab.


Wednesday, June 10, 2020


Thank you for attending yesterday's Zoom- it was fun meeting your pets and writing with you one more time.

On Teams you will find a link for the Warren Hills summer reading suggestions.

Your "letter to your future self" is due tomorrow.

Reminder: Materials pick-up at Brass Castle is Friday 6/12: 12:00- 3:00.


Tuesday, June 9, 2020


Please join our final Zoom class meeting today.  Bring paper and pencil (and your pet if you would like).  Log-in info. can be found on Teams.


Monday, June 8, 2020


Good Morning!  I hope to see you at the Middle School Zoom meeting today.  Did you go on a Poetry Walk this weekend?  If not, today would be a great day to do so.  Please bring something that you have written to share at our final Zoom class meeting tomorrow.  Also, pets are welcome to attend; be prepared to tell us something about your pet.  Some of us don't have pets, but we will meet with our class one more time tomorrow with one more writing activity.  See you soon!


Friday, June 5, 2020


Happy Friday!  Not a great day for a Poetry Walk, is it?  Try to go on a Poetry Walk before Tuesday and bring your writing to our final Zoom meeting.  If you still need to test on your reading, today's Read 'N Quiz monitor code is B0796- last one for the year unless I have requests.  Also, remember to create a picture for the retiring teachers and attend the Middle School Q & A on Monday.  Have a nice weekend!!


Thursday, June 4, 2020


Good Morning!  Several of you have requested additional Read 'N Quiz test time, so I have added a monitor code today and will add one tomorrow.  Today's code is L8155- in effect until 4:00 pm.  Please attend today's Zoom meeting for your class if possible.  Our last meeting will probably take place next Tuesday.

Log-in info. is on Teams.


Wednesday, June 3, 2020


Today is the last day to submit assignments.  All work must be received by 3:00 pm.  Today is also your day to test on Hoot (and any other books you may have read).  The Read 'N Quiz monitor code is E1950.  It will be in effect until 3:00 pm.  Contact me with any questions!  See you tomorrow on Zoom for "6 word memoirs"!


Tuesday, June 2, 2020


I am still awaiting some "Final Reflections" and Hoot questions.  Tomorrow is the last day to submit all work owed!  Read 'N Quiz for Hoot will also take place.

Please see Teams assignments for log-in info. for today's Zoom class meetings.

(6-1 is at 10:00, 6-2 is at 11:00 and 6-2 is at 1:00.)


Monday, June 1, 2020


"Rabbit, Rabbit"- Happy June!  See the "Poems" page on this website for the "June" poem.

Our focus for the next few days is to finish all assignments, and to finish reading HootAll assignments are due Wednesday by 3:00.  You will also be given a Read 'N Quiz monitor code on Wednesday enabling you to test on Hoot and any other books you may have read.

We will continue to present research projects tomorrow at our Zoom class meetings.  See Teams assignments for log-in info. tomorrow.

Contact me through Teams chat if you have questions.  See you soon!

            ~Mrs. Motzenbecker


Friday, May 29, 2020


Please spend today catching up on all of your assignments and reading Hoot.  Most of you need to submit "Final Reflections" and many of you need to complete Hoot reading questions.  Remember, our target date for completion of Hoot is Tuesday, June 2.  I will be available all day on Teams "chat" if you have questions.  Happy Friday!


Thursday, May 28, 2020


I am looking forward to seeing you at today's zoom meetings- see Teams for log-in info.  Take time to think about your answers to "Final Reflections" and continue to read Hoot!


Wednesday, May 27, 2020


 This morning, you will find reflective questions on your Teams assignments.  Please use complete sentences and answer each question thoughtfully- take your time! 

Please continue to complete all assignments and read Hoot.  Target date for completion is a week from today, June 3rd.  See you tomorrow in "Zoom" where we will share more research projects.


Tuesday, May 26, 2020


Good Morning Readers & Writers!


Please see your Teams assignment for information about today's Zoom class meetings- usual times!


We are nearing the end of our school year.  Please use this week to catch up on missing assignments.  You will have one more writing assignment which will be posted tomorrow. 


Next Wednesday, June 3, is our target date to finish Hoot.  You may then take the Read 'N Quiz test on this book, and the nine points will be applied to your independent reading total.


Hope to see you soon!!


               ~Mrs. Motzenbecker


Thursday, May 21, 2020


Zoom classes today!  Meeting numbers are posted on Teams as an assignment.  Questions for Hoot chapters 13-15 are also posted.  Because today is your last school day before a four day weekend, I have activated a monitor code for Read 'N Quiz.  It is J3577 and will be in effect until 5:00pm.  If you need a code for tomorrow, let me know.  Keep reading!!


Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Good Morning Readers and Writers!


Please finish and submit your vocabulary Unit 14 activity today.  Continue reading Hoot; questions for chapters 13-15 will be posted tomorrow for completion.  I will be in our classroom today and may not have computer access until after 2:00.  Please contact me with questions, and I will see you tomorrow on Zoom to wrap up a busy week.


Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Zoom day today!  All are welcome.  Please see Teams for log-in information.

Please work on assignments owed this week.  Final vocabulary activity is due tomorrow.  Please catch up with Hoot and research pieces!!


Monday, May 18, 2020


Hello Readers & Writers,


This is our final week for vocabulary work!  There will be an assessment posted later this morning on Teams.  It is due on Wednesday. 

This is also the final week to submit research writing pieces if you have not done so. There is an assignment on Teams which explains requirements. We will continue to present our favorite pieces during Zoom meetings on Tuesday and Thursday.

Please continue to read Hoot.  Please submit questions for chapters 10-12 today.  Questions for chapters 13-15 will be posted on Thursday. 

Please use this week to catch up, so that you have a carefree four day weekend- no school on Friday (teacher in-service day) or Monday 5/25 to commemorate Memorial Day.

See you soon!

                         ~Mrs. Motzenbecker