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UPDATE- from the Health Teams (thanks Mrs. Nisivoccia!)
Have  a Great Spring Break and enjoy your time!  Here is a video to show how much we miss you all! 



Thursday, April 9, 2020:


Good Morning Readers & Writers!


Please review this page for any assignments you may have missed this week.  Spring break begins at the end of today!  There will be no new assignments going into Spring Break, but you may use your time to catch up, get ahead and, of course, READ.  If you would like to test on Read 'N Quiz, today's code is D1315.  It will be in effect until 4:15pm. 

I look forward to reading the drafts of your first genre pieces.  Thank you to the students who have already submitted.  You may submit through Teams or email your MS document to me.

Happy Spring Break!  Enjoy your time with your family, and stay well.  I miss you!


~Mrs. Motzenbecker


Monday, April 6, 2020


Hello Readers and Writers:


Happy April!  Read the poem entitled "April" on your assignment page and complete the quiz.

Our goal this week is to complete and submit at least one piece for your multigenre research project.  If you are drafting an ABC book, you are only required to complete 13 letters.

But first- it's a perfect day for a Poetry Walk!  Explain the purpose and guidelines to a family member and take them with you as you walk and write- outside if permitted.  We will share our writing pieces tomorrow in Zoom class meetings.

In addition to "genre drafting", you will have 2 assignments (including the above poem) and 2 BrainPOP videos and quizzes.  I will post assignments on this page as well as on Teams.

Happy Poetry Walk!  Wish I could join you!!

                     ~Mrs. Motzenbecker


Reminder to all students:  Microsoft Resources, including Teams, is a school resource and should be used for school purposes only.  Teachers and administrators are able to view items posted, including chats, at ALL times.  Do not use this tool for anything other than school messages, or your account may be suspended.


Wednesday, April 8, 2020~

Please work hard today and tomorrow to complete:

2 BrainPOP quizzes (Paraphrasing and Types of Writing)

2 passages ("April" and "Lin-Manuel Miranda")

Most importantly, please submit the first draft of your first multigenre research piece.  If you are creating an ABC book, please view the samples on Mrs. Casserly's website under "Important Papers".  You will find an ABC book on Japan and one on giraffes.  Also on that website is Mrs. Nisivoccia's ABC book template should you like to use it.  

Thanks to all who shared their Poetry Walk writing today!


UPDATE- Zoom meeting codes for today's meetings (4/7/2020) have been posted on Teams assignments.


Tuesday, April 7, 2020~

Good Morning!  Zoom meetings today: 6-1 at 10:00am, 6-2 at 11:00am and 6-3 at 1:00pm.  Please see Teams for log-in info. posted at 9:00am.  I hope you have something from your Poetry Walk to share; if not, come anyway!

There are two assignments and two BrainPOP assignments for this short week. 

Also, your first draft of ONE research genre piece is due on Thursday.  Thanks to those students who have already submitted them!







Sunday, March 29, 2020


Hello Readers and Writers:


Tomorrow is the last day of MP 3.  Please use tomorrow as a catch-up day. To complete MP 3 work you need the following:

  • Storyworks quiz- "Frozen Dreams"- yikes! last call!!
  • Independent reading letter with research update (posted on Teams)
  • Vocabulary assessment activity (posted on Teams)
  • BrainPOP quiz- see week 2 for instructions

For those of you who have submitted all of your work-thank you!

You may continue your research.  Mrs. Kaiven has arranged for free access to World Book for research:

       Source:  Username: wbaccess 

                                                      Password: freeaccess

Tomorrow (Monday 3/30) is the last day to test for Read 'N Quiz points for MP 3.  A monitor code will be posted tomorrow.

I will continue you post daily updates following this message.

                                                  ~Mrs. Motzenbecker 

Friday, April 3, 2020:

UPDATE 12:40pm: Sounds as though some technical difficulties are happening in sixth grade today!  Don't worry; we're patient.  If you are interested in using a template for an ABC book- it had a new location which is Mrs. Casserly's website under the "Home Instruction" tab.  Feel free to use it.  Please send me your ideas for genre choices today; thanks to those students who already have.  Have a good weekend!  Read!

Good Morning- Happy Friday!

The Walter Dean Myers story ( is due today.  Do your best!

Also- please submit-today- your genre choices with a brief outline of the information that will be submitted in each,  Start writing!

Friday is Read 'N Quiz day.  The monitor code is J3647; it will work until about 4:30pm.  Have a good weekend!!

Thursday, April 2, 2020~ It was great to see so many of you at yesterday's Zoom meetings!  I look forward to the next one!

By Friday please send me a list of the four genres you are planning to use for your research.  See page 5 of your research handbook for a list of suggested genres.  This assignment will be posted on Teams with further instructions.  Do you remember Walter Dean Myers?  He wrote the poem "Love That Boy" and was Jack's favorite poet in Love That Dog.  Please read his short story entitled "Sometimes a Dream Needs a Push" on and complete the quiz.

UPDATE 4/1/2020- Zoom log-ins are posted as an assignment on Teams!  Hope to see you!

Wednesday, April 1, 2020:

Rabbit, Rabbit!!

Zoom day: 6-1 at 10:00, 6-2 at 11:00 and 6-3 at 1:00.  Check Teams for your log-in number.  Be ready with a "sentence share" and your research handbook.

New tab on my website- "Poems"- you will find "April" there.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020:

Good Morning!  Thanks to those students who have finished all of their assignments.  Today is the last day that I can accept MP3 work.  I am hoping to finally see you on Zoom tomorrow!  Please check for your "invitation" in the morning and have one of your "6 sentence weekend" sentences ready to share.  Also, have your research handbook with you.  Today, I would like you to look at page 5 and choose your genres.  Begin writing if you are ready!  If you have ideas for genres not on the list, check with me tomorrow.  The article "Soccer Speaks Many Languages" has been added to your collection. (due Friday)  


Monday, March 30, 2020:

Read 'N Quiz monitor code is N5574.  It will work today only until 4:45pm. Last chance for MP3 points!

Please practice sentence writing- a "six sentence weekend" to be shared later...