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March 22, 2020


Hello Readers & Writers~


Welcome to our second at-home learning week.  I hope that everyone had a nice weekend and that you are adjusting to a new and more independent way to work and learn.  Many of you still need to submit your answers for the Storyworks "Frozen Dreams" quiz.  Please check the "Reading/LA Homework" tab for last week's instructions.  This week- 3/23 through 3/27- is the last week of the third marking period!  Please focus on the following areas:

  • Research- Use the Internet to gather research on your topic. Refer to page 6 in your research handbook for guidelines and record your sources on page 8.  I will be posting some BrainPop assignments early this week to give you additional hints.  Your research should be complete by Friday, and we will begin to draft a genre piece next week.  I am hoping to have samples to share with you. We are actually right on schedule! (Although I miss our classroom books!)
  • Please complete "The Woman Who Helped Anne Frank" and "Growing Up" this week.  I will be adding more articles and stories soon.
  • Independent reading letter!  Please submit a letter by Friday.  I am excited to hear about what you are reading.  You may write about either your independent reading book or your Lit. Circle book.  You will see a new tab labeled "Reading Letter Ideas" on this website.
  • Vocabulary-please complete pgs. 153-154: 1-20 (completing the sentence)  Answers will be posted towards the end of the week.  You will have a test on Unit 12 on Friday.  I am working on a new and interesting format for it- stay tuned!
  • Read 'N Quiz- On Friday 3/27 and Monday 3/30 (last day to test for MP 3) there should be a monitor code posted for you to use.  Again- stay tuned!

I will post updates below this message each day, so check back.  This week, I will try to keep the most recent date at the top of the list so that you are not scrolling down forever!  Thanks for your patience and hard work!

                                                                                                     ~Mrs. Motzenbecker 

Update 3/27 11:30- If you are having trouble with the link to the Vocab. activity, here it is:

Friday, March 27:

Vocabulary quiz/activity due today!  Find the link to Forms on Teams. If you have trouble, let me know- I can send you the link. (This is new for me too!)  I noticed that is says "due" at 12:00-ish-- don't worry about the time- any time today would be great!

Read 'N Quiz is open today and Monday!  Today's monitor code is U7681.  This will work until 4:30pm.  There will be a new one on Monday.

Have a great weekend everyone!  Please enjoy some sunshine and fresh air today!  See you Monday!

UPDATE- Thursday, 4:30.  Look for a Read 'N Quiz monitor code tomorrow and Monday- 2 days only!  Also, there will be a vocabulary assessment posted tomorrow- no studying needed tonight; open book tomorrow!  Reminder- Monday (3/30) is the last day of MP 3- please "catch up"!

Thursday, March 26:

It will be a busy end of the week for many of you.  Tomorrow I will post a vocabulary assessment on Forms.  There will also be a Read 'N Quiz monitor code to use.  There will be a second code on Monday 3/30 which is the last day of MP 3.  I have created a class section for you on Teams.  You can view the reading letter assignment there and use that venue for submitting your letter.  If you have already submitted your letter on MS365, that's fine!  Thanks!

Wednesday, March 25:

Halfway through this week, Readers & Writers!  The first "BrainPOP" responses are coming in!  Hint- you might want to complete the review before completing the graded quiz- same questions- and they alert you to your mistakes.  I am still missing some "Frozen Dreams" quizzes.  It is time to finish the first four Commonlit stories/articles.  Finally- a letter and research summary is due Friday (on the same document, if possible, please) and a vocabulary assessment activity will be posted. I am not assigning any new work for this week; it looks like we have plenty on our plates for now.  I hope that your Internet research is going well.  Miss you all!

Tuesday, March 24: questions can be quite challenging!  Please note: I will be using the highest of your first four grades, though only if you complete all four assignments.   Please make sure that you include text details in your typed answers.

     -BrainPop- Please use your log-in and go to "English", click on "Study and Reading Skills", then find and complete the graded quiz for "Online Sources".  I am unable to create a class code at this time, so please choose the option to e-mail results- [email protected]

     -Thanks for all of your work today.  Please check my response comments on your MS365 documents.

Monday, March 23, 2020- Good Morning.  Please use your time today to explore internet sources for your research topic.  I will ask for a summary of your findings to be added to your reading letter due Friday.  See guidelines for research explained above, and contact me with questions!