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Week of May 15-19, 2023 Homework:


Language Arts no new assignments


Reading-  Independent reading- minimum of 20 minutes per night. Remember to make reading a part of your lifestyle rather than just another homework assignment!  AR goals will be individually determined for MP 4.


Vocabulary- If you did not complete Friday's Unit 14 test, please be ready to take it during your Academic Support period.  


 Reminders: Please check OnCourse for your current MP 4 grades


NJSLA TESTING IS MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY 5/15-5/19.  Make sure to get a good night's sleep and have a good breakfast.



 Great job with the Shakespeare Play Trip!!  We are all proud of you!










Homework policy- Students are responsible for writing homework assignments for all classes in their agenda books each day and for completing homework in a timely manner.








September 2, 2020- A new year!  2020-2021!


Please use the Supply List in your yellow folder to prepare for class.  You do not need to bring in everything at once.  Priority items include the composition book, colored pencils and markers.  You may work on gathering the rest of the materials over the long weekend.  If budget is a concern, we have extra supplies available in the classroom.  Thank you!





Hello Readers & Writers!   (March 2020)


Welcome to my Home Instruction page.  I will post new assignments and choices each day following this letter.  You may work on them at your own pace.  I will be able to follow your progress on Commonlit. org and will be sharing new stories and articles as I read them myself.  Please include the short written question as you complete each passage.


Please complete one independent reading letter during our "at-home" time- your choice of date.  You can share your letter with me on MS 365 along with any other written assignments and/or stories and poems you would like to write.


Regarding the Multigenre Research project that we just started- if you are lucky enough to visit a library, you may continue your research.  If you choose to research using the Internet, please refer to page 6 in your research handbook.  We will resume our research using classroom resources when we return to school, and the original due dates will be revised as needed.


Please reach out to me via my school e-mail with any questions or concerns that you or your parents may have.


                                                                                          Mrs. Motzenbecker


Monday, March 16: Read "Marley Dias: 13-Year-Old Author and Activist" on and complete questions, including the short written (typed) answer.  Also, write a minimum of 6 sentences about your weekend using the "sentence starter" anchor chart in your writing folder.

Tuesday, March 17- Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Please fill in your new words for Unit 12 on pages 148-150 of your vocabulary book.  Also, complete synonyms on p. 152 and try the antonyms on p. 153.  Make sure that you are reading your independent reading or Lit. Circle book for at least 20 minutes per day.  Remember, our goal is to make reading a part of our lifestyles!

Senior Program Participants- Mrs. Campbell asks that you share your senior biography with her, even if it is not finished, in preparation for your meeting on March 31.

Wednesday, March 18-Please read the article "Different Ways" on  Question #9 asks you to discuss the different goals that Tom and Anne have for their farming, using text evidence.  I am asking you to please add a few sentences stating your own opinion as to which of the two farmers you would more likely support and why.  Thanks to all who shared their "6 Sentence Weekends"!  I have enjoyed reading them.

Thursday, March 19-Please complete the sheet in your writing folder labeled "Exploring Text Features" and use it to preview the Storyworks article, "Frozen Dreams".  Of course, you may then read the article!  I will be asking for the quiz on a later date.  Also, please complete the vocabulary "50/50" activity on pages 151-152 (1-25).  Answers will be posted later in the week.  Reminder--please complete the two passages that have been assigned. ("Marley Dias" and "Different Ways").  I will post the better of the two grades on On-Course.  Keep reading!!

Friday, March 20- Please read the Storyworks article-"Frozen Dreams" if you haven't already.  Answer the Quiz questions and submit them to me on an MS365 document and share with me: example- #1- B, #2- C etc.  Numbers 9 & 10 require written answers, of course.  However, you may choose instead to answer the following question:

Which of the historical figures in the Lauren Tarshis video entitled "Beyond the Story- History's Forgotten Heroes" do you find most interesting or are you able to connect with most closely?

To access the video, follow these steps:

1. Log in to and click on "I am a Student"

2. Your class code is boatbat7   (You will need this!!)

3. Click on the issue we are currently using (February 2020)

4. Scroll down- almost to the bottom of the page- and you will see the video!  Enjoy the information and photographs along the way.

We will be using this resource next week as well, so try it!!

Thank you all so much for your hard work this week!  I miss seeing you all! 

                                                          ~Mrs. Motzenbecker























































Homework policy- Students are responsible for writing homework assignments for all classes in their agenda books each day and for completing homework in a timely manner.