American Presidents: 
List and Facts about the Presidents

President Bio's

Digital Timeline of Presidents: Hoover-Bush



American Presidental Elections:
List and Voting Numbers in the Presidental Elections

Early Explorers:

Real Pirates of the Caribbean
Really Good Map of Early North American Explorers

Thirteen  Colonies:

13 Colonies Mapping Activity
History of the Thirteen Colonies
Life in the Colonies
13 colonies Quiz
The Pilgrims

American Revolution:

Treaty of Paris: 1763: Ends the French and Indian War

Understanding the Taxes

Revolutionary Timeline

Images of the American Revolution

Bet you Didn't know- American Revolution

Washington Summary: America the Story of US

T.J. and the Revo- To Late to Appologize- Full Website
T.J. and the Revo- To Late to Appologize- Video
T.J. and the Revo- To Late to Appologize- Lyrics  

Declaration of Independence:
Declaration of Indpendence- Decoded
Formation of the United States:

Bet you didnt know- Founding Fathers

George Washington Mount Vernon
Map of Mount Vernon: Washington's Estate
Online Museum of George Washington
George Washington Biography 
Timeline of George Washington's Life
George Washington
Alexander Hamilton
Formation of the White House
Hamilton and Burr Milk Commercial
Ben Franklin in 90 seconds       

Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase:
    Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson Pictures
    Letter from Jefferson: Library of Congress
    John Jay Papers
    Lewis and Clark: Excellent Summary
    Lewis and Clark: Journals
    Secret Presidential Codes Video: Lewis and Clark

          Jefferson's Secret Bible


War of 1812:
         Madison and the War of 1812 Video
          Interesting Fact Video about Madison
          The only book to survive the Burning of the White House in 1812- Video
          Mr. Madison's War: War of 1812

Remember the Alamo:
          Alamo Video

Civil War:

    Abraham Lincoln Pictures

          Abraham Lincoln's Assassination
    Civil War Interactive Map  
    Ken Burns "The Civil War"

          Civil War

          Summary of the Civil War
          Important Battles of the Civil War

          Trial of John Wilkes Booth

          Good Civil War Political Cartoons Website

          Decoded: Confederate Gold: Knights of the Golden Circle


Hatfields & McCoys:

         Hatfields and McCoys Interactive Website


Gilded Age:

        The Men Who Built America- Trailer

         Cornelius Vanderbilt- The men who built America

         J.P Morgan- The men who built America

         Andrew Carnegie- The men who built America

         John D Rockefeller- The men who built America

         Henry Ford- The men who built America




          Teddy Roosevelt

          Decoded: Secrets of the Statue of Liberty



      World War I

    World War I Timeline 

          Christmas Day Truce
          First in the First World War Video
          The Great War

          World War 1 Summary
          World War in the Trenches
          World War I

          Great WWI Propaganda Posters

Prohibition and The Roaring 20's:

          Al Capone Exploits Prohibition
          This day in History: Prohibiton
          Organized Crime and Al Capone

          Prohibition Map and Timeline

          Famous Prohibition People

          Ken Burns: Prohibition Videos


The Great Depression:
Photo Essay of the Great Depression
    Mount Rushmore Video
Statue of Liberty
          Fort Knox Mystery
Franklin Delano Roosevelt:
    The Man:

          Images of FDR
FDR's Inaugural Address: March 4, 1933
FDR: A Voice of Hope

          FDR: The Person behind the Image
          FDR as a War President

          FDR's Final Presidental Term

          FDR's Denies Communism

          FDR makes Gold possession illegal


    Fireside Chats:

          Fireside Chat on the Drought and the Dust Bowl: September 6, 1936
          Fireside Chat on the Fall of Rome to the Allies: June 5, 1944       
          Fireside Chats Scripts
          Fireside Chats Videos

          FDR's Address to Congress about Pearl Harbor
          FDR update on the war in Europe


    New Deal:    

          New Deal Propaganda Posters  

          FDR's New Deal

          FDR's Social Security Act
          FDR's Tennessee Valley Authority


          WWII Timeline
          REALLY GOOD: Interactive Map of WWII

     European Theater:        
    Map of Nazi Expansion

          Battle of Britan Air Show

          The Nazi Atlantic Wall 1942-1944

          Battle for the Atlantic- Convoy Systems and Radar

          Arnold Ropeik on the Concentration Camps 
          Really Good D-Day Invasion Video
          D-Day Invasion- June 6, 1944   
          D-Day Invasion
          Battle of the Buldge- Veteran Account     
          Hitler's Mistake in WWII

     Pacific Theater:       

          FDR's Infamy Speech: Attack on Pearl Harbor: December 7,1941
          USS Enterprise: WWII Battleships

          Carrier at War: USS Enterprise (full episode)         

          Kamikaze Fighters
          Battle of Kwajalein- January 31,1944
          Battle of Saipan- June 15,1944    
          Battle of Guam- July 21,1944   
          Battle of Peleliu- September 15,1944  
          Battle of Iwo Jima- February 19, 1945 

          Life after People- Iwo Jima Statue
          Battle of Okinawa-April 1, 1945       
          American Island Hoping Campaign
Batan Death March

          From Kamikaze to Surrender



     Home Front:            

          The Tuskegee Red-Tail Angels      
          Tuskegee Airman: Luther Smith

          Women Pilots-1942

        Japanese Internment: 1942

          REALLY GOOD: Japanese Internment Website

          Great WWII Propaganda Posters           

          More American Propaganda Posters: History Channel 

          Victory Gardens


Cold War:

          Allied Occupation Zones of Berlin

          Duck and Cover Video
Berlin Wall
          Berlin Wall Article

          Kennedy and the Berlin Wall

          Moon Landing Video

          Space Race: US vs USSR: sputnik

          Cuban Missile Crisis Song


Korean War:

          F-86 Sabre: Airplane in Korean War


       Ike for President Political Campaign Video
    Kennedy vs. Nixon Political Campaign Video

Civil Rights Movement:
    History of the Civil Rights Movement
    Important Court Cases
    Jim Crow Laws

          Map of Jim Crow Segregation

          Rise and Fall of Jim Crow Laws
          Martin Luther King Jr.- "I have a Dream" speech
          Martin Luther King Jr.- March on Washington: August 28,1963

          MLK Documentary- The Assassination Tapes
          The Greensboro 4- Good Documentary

          Civil Rights Act of 1964

          Bill Cosby Speech

          Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial



          Woodstock: August 15-18,1969
          Kent State Riots

          Kent State Massacre

          Kent State Summary



    Brief History of the Vietnam War
          Vietnam Brokendown Video

          Vietnam Summary Video

          Vietnam Veterans Interactive map

          Nixon's Secret Deal to end Vietnam: Bombing in Cambodia and Laos


September 11, 2001:
    9/11 Interactive Map- Really Good
    Summary of 9/11 Video

    9/11 Memorial Article

    9/11 Photo Gallery


America's Book of Secrets:

         The Pentagon


Political Cartoons:
         Excellent Political Cartoon Website
          Ohio State University Political Cartoon Library
          Really Good Political Cartoon Website

Educational Games and Puzzles:
History Channel Games and Puzzles
          Road to Citizenship Board Game
          State License Plate Game
          United States Geography Game
         Oregon Trail
          WWII Total Experience

Educational Tools: