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My course is an exploratory class that lasts for 1 marking period.  It is taken along with Art, Music, and Learning

For Success.  Throughout the marking period students will learn about new technologies that can assist in the

research process.  Towards the end of the marking period students will complete a research paper and present

their findings to the class.


The other course that I teach is Enrichment ELA.  This course is taken along with your ELA class.  This is not a block period, but it a class that I have all year.  This class is a class that will improve your reading, writing, and vocabulary.



Period 1:  ELA Enrichment code:  aqvykao


Period 4:  Process Research code:  x3y2a4b


Period 5:  Process Research code: 32worsw 


Period 6:  Research Writing code:  eplsvh5


Period 7:  Process Research code: jxwxqk4 


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