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All assignments can be found on Google Classroom

including resources such as the vocabulary list.


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Class Codes to join Google Classroom


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ELA Lab is a course aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards in ELA which emphasizes the advancement of the reading and writing skills as designated by students’ individual education plans and the associated skills found in the New Jersey state-mandated assessment.  The units of study for reading include: reading literature and nonfiction narratives, literal and inferential comprehension, academic vocabulary skills, and critical thinking and analysis skills.  The units of study for writing include sentence structure, organization of ideas, paragraph development, and on-demand writing of essays.  Students’ grades are based on teacher observation, tests, quizzes, projects, class participation, classwork, and marking period assessments.  


The instructions below are for in-class teaching.  Thank you!!

•Students will be expected to arrive in class on time (in their seats!) with the necessary tools to learn! (tools include charged Chrome Book, pencil, composition book (provided), and folder (provided), as well a great attitude!)
•Students will be asked to respect EVERYONE in the classroom including the teachers, students, and themselves!
•Students will be expected to turn in assignments on time.


General Policies

•IXL - 70%
•Classwork – 30%


Start Strong Testing - Fall/Spring - Evaluates your child in the following areas of Language Arts:


1. Reading and Comprehending Narrative Selections


2. Reading and Comprehending Informational or Non-fiction Articles


3.  Essay Writing


 Extra Help
Homework Clinic is available every Monday through Thursday.  A schedule will be posted during the first month of school.  We also have a WIN (What I need) period at the end of each day.  That schedule will also be posted.  Additionally, students are given 25 minutes each day to read their AR books and attain their goals!

Please feel free to e-mail or call if you or your child indicates feel the need for additional help.


DO NOT hesitate to contact me directly at [email protected] or call 694-0100, extension 433.