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 Welcome to my class! 

Most information pertaining to Honors for sophomores or AP for juniors will be handled through our Google Classroom or  Remind app. 


Please sign up for Google Classroom using the following codes:

Period 2 AP: eixorg5

Period 3 Honors: k5aaifw

Period 4-5 Honors: hhjec2e

Period 6-7 Honors: xv3p3yl

Period 11 AP: xrfl4sm

Period 12 AP: i6qd4hc


Remind code for juniors in  AP will remain the same as last year:  @dh9kb9

Sophomores in Honors should use the following code to join the Remind app: @ap20212023


Please feel free to email me @ [email protected] with any questions.  You can also call me at ext. 312.  I look forward to having a great year with you/your student and will do everything I possibly can to prepare them for learning about history, learning various thinking strategies and skills, and prepping for the AP exam should they be interested.

The 2022 AP Exam will be on May 6th at 8 am. 

Please contact me with any questions about study materials or resources that could be helpful for your child.