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 Tomorrow's Teachers is a five-credit elective course designed for 11th and 12th-grade students who are interested in a multifaceted year-long elective.  Some students have expressed a definite interest in becoming teachers; others plan to pursue different careers but realize that the Tomorrow’s Teachers class offers life-enriching experiences.  The intention of this course is both to create an interest in the profession of teaching and to promote an understanding of young people and the American educational system, however, individuals interested in working in day-care, pediatrics, family counseling, or social work may also find this course helpful.

    Students will be exposed to guest speakers, videos, current publications, field trips, discussions, teamwork, community service, videotaping, role-playing, decision making, problem-solving, interviewing, public speaking, practice teaching and observing.  Four New Jersey universities currently offer college credits to high school students who successfully complete the Tomorrow’s Teachers course elective. They include Fairleigh Dickinson University, Rider University, Richard Stockton University, and  Kean University. Here is the link to the 2020-2021 Tomorrow's Teachers' Google Classroom.

Pd 4/5 Tomorrow's Teachers' Google Classroom


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SOCIOLOGY is a five-credit elective course for students in tenth through twelfth grade who are academically motivated. The program examines selected sociological topics relative to man's social and human behavior and focuses on the structure and functioning of society. Students will be expected to examine theory and conduct and analyze research while applying selected concepts.  Major units of study include topics such as sociological methods, culture, socialization, adolescents in society, family and marriage, and deviance and crime. Students are exposed to related careers in the field of sociology and will be expected to reinforce skills such as reading, writing, and verbal presentations during the year. Students are evaluated primarily on projects, a research paper, tests and quizzes, class participation, and marking period assessments. Here are the links to the 2020-2021 Sociology Google Classrooms. Please click on the correct period.  

PD.7/8 Sociology Google Classroom Link  PD. 12 Sociology Google Classroom Link


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SWAG is a five-credit class that supports students learning and work completion in other courses.  Students are expected to use the time to complete assignments and ask for help. At times, tutoring may be provided during the class period if deemed necessary and the student is open to it. Here are the links to the 2020-2021 SWAG Google Classrooms. Please click on the correct period.

 PD.1 SWAG Google Classroom Link  PD.3 SWAG Google Classroom Link


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